Special Olympics South Carolina

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing moms who work daily to spread awareness, love, and acceptance of your most incredible children! πŸ’—

This coming week we will highlight athletes from the Special Olympics South Carolina. Each person has a special story to share. As always, thanks for following Project: Just Like You! We are changing the world. One story at a time.

Special Olympics North Carolina

This coming week we are highlighting very special athletes affiliated with the Special Olympics NC! We are so excited to highlight these incredible individuals who work so hard in their training to be their best both in their spots and their daily lives! Check in each day to read about each new athlete!

Spread LOVE

In this first week of May, we will be featuring both adults and children, some who live here in the states, as well as a few individuals who live international. 
Here's a challenge- for today and this whole week, spread kindness, spread love, spread encouragement. See each adversity in your life as a way to grow! Build others up and find the good. We grow when we build bridges, as opposed to barriers. Our words and actions matter very much! It makes ripples in our community and our world. Choose kindness. Always. 


Autism Awareness Month

This is our last week of Autism awareness month as we head into May. What a great month it has been! 
In May we will be featuring some wonderful groups who work really hard everyday to break down stigmas and prejudices of those who are differently ABLEd. We hope you will connect with their stories and be inspired! 
Project: Just Like You is also officially recognized now as a Nonprofit organization, a 501 c 3! This is exciting as we will be able to give back more to our community. Thanks for following along and being a part of our rapidly expanding circle!
Founder and Executive director of Project: Just Like You

Julia is Coming to Sesame Street!

Project: Just Like You is proud to present Julia! This is her story. 
Julia is an inquisitive 4-year-old girl who lives near Sesame Street. She loves to play with her best friends, Elmo and Abby Cadabby, but she also enjoys spending time with Big Bird. Her friend Elmo, in particular, is an advocate for Julia. 
She enjoys painting, but not finger painting. She loves shapes, especially circles! She also loves making crafts, playing with blocks, and singing. Her favorite song is β€œSunny Days.” She creates new and inventive ways of playing with her friends, such as β€œboing” tag. Julia enjoys movement such as jumping and bouncing. She eats her bananas with a fork. Her favorite toy is her stuffed bunny, Fluffster. Julia also has an older brother and a pet dog.

Julia is diagnosed with Autism. This means she finds new and creative ways to communicate and play with her friends and family.

Julia is awesome because she is brave, curious, and silly. She overcomes obstacles and moves outside her comfort zone to make friends with friendly monsters and fairies who live at Sesame Street. She does things even though she might be a little bit worried or anxious about them and continues to show her strength and kind nature.

Julia, we know your story will touch hearts all over the world. May you open dialogue and find ways to celebrate our differences with families around the world. We know you will move mountains and, at the same time, you are just one of the Sesame Street gang, enjoying life with your friends and family. We are so thankful for the gift of YOU!
Julia is #JustLikeYou 
Julia's biography above is a result of interviews we conducted with Stacey Gordon, Julia's puppeteer and with Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, the Senior VP of Community and Family Engagement at SesameWorkshop. Stay tuned to Project: Just Like You to learn more about the amazing work they do for Sesame Street's inclusion programs!** Julia is an inspiration and brings hope for families across the world who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs as well as parents of neurotypical children who can learn about people with special needs in a safe way. 

Let's Celebrate Autism Awareness Month!

As we say goodbye to the World Stage, for the Special Olympics World Games 2017, we now focus on this coming week, where everyone has amazing and heart warming stories, and we cannot wait to share. And then comes April. πŸŽ‰πŸ˜€ April is a very exciting month for Project: Just Like You as it is Autism Awareness Month!! We will be celebrating all month long with YOU and YOUR stories! There will be a few surprises too! We have some very special people who will be featured. I cannot say anything now, but when they are featured, you will know them too! Stay tuned!! As always, thank you for following! 
Have a story to share? email projectjustlikeyou@gmail.com

Changing hearts and minds. One story at a time. πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—

Special Olympic World Winter Games

he Special Olympic World Winter Games 2017 in Austria is in full swing this week! This coming week we will be highlighting some very special athletes who are there right now! Pictured is 2007 Shanghai Gold Metalist Thomas Hadwig. πŸ“·-ThomasFeichtner.com Good luck to all those competing in these exciting games!! Also, we will be highlighting moms who have special needs children who will be attending Richmond Mom Prom. They share their heart warming stories of what it is like to have a special needs child and the joy of going out with friends while supporting a wonderful cause! And we are continuing to look for stories for April and ASD month. Email: projectjustlikeyou@gmail.com
As always, thanks for following Project: Just Like You! Changing hearts and minds. One story at a time. πŸ’—

Hi Project Family!

Hi Project family! This coming week we will continue to highlight the The Greater Richmond ARC. In April, we will be celebrating Autism awareness month and hope to fill the whole month with stories of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please email:
Projectjustlikeyou@gmail.com and I will send you a form for the biography. 
Have a great week!! Molly

The Greater Richmond ARC

For the next two weeks, Project: Just Like You will highlight the therapists and people who work behind the scenes that help individuals with special needs thrive! The Greater Richmond ARC will be in the spotlight! 
It is so important that people understand how hard these men and women work to make miracles happen! And we are thrilled to throw the spotlight on them! So come take a journey with us and cheer on these very special people!

March Update

Hi everyone! I found this quote to be quite fitting after this month. It's a wonderful reminder that the most difficult of times help make us stronger than we ever knew possible. These adverse times help make us better people. We become more aware, more kind, more sensitive and understanding of those around us. 
We are finishing up heart month this coming week and in March, we have some wonderful organizations we will be highlighting! Also in March, we also would like to feature individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Dystrophy, and brain injury. 
In April, we want to focus on those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. You can send those stories in now! As always, thank you for being part of our Peoject: Just Like You community! We are glad you are here. 

Hearth Month

#February is Heart month! The goal of this month is to fill it with #heart children stories! Heart parents, email a picture of your child, and tell us with what activities they enjoy doing and why they are awesome to projectjustlikeyou@gmail.com
And as always, we will continue to highlight individuals of all special needs on Project: Just Like You! So send those stories in too! Changing hearts and minds. One story at a time! πŸ’—


This coming week has some really great changes for Project: Just Like You! We will be featuring adults from Monday- Thursday. There was such a fantastic response, that it will continue next week as well! And on Fridays until the end of February is Friendship Circle of Virginia Friday! Every Friday we will be highlighting another person from the Friendship Circle. Check back daily!!

Walk & Roll for Kindness

RVA people: Tomorrow at Regency Square, is Walk & Roll for Kindness.This fundraiser is to benefit REAP and their mission to help get individuals with disabilities employed in our community. I'll be there representing Project: Just Like You Come join us for the million card challenge.

The event goes from 9 AM to 1 PM at Regency Square Mall. The event will be hosted by WRIC's

Miracles in Motion

This coming week, Project: Just Like You is teaming up with Miracles in Motion. This wonderful dance company provides "quality dance instruction to people with special needs while Promoting Awareness in the community through the Joy of Dancing!" We have an exciting group of 6 dancers who will be featured! Check back daily to read about each one!!

Happy New Year!

Make 2017 the best year ever! Be the change you want to see in the world. Be bold. Get excited! 2017 is going to bring great things! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


If you are new to Project: Just Like You, welcome!! This coming week is very exciting one! Project: Just Like You is teaming up with Special Olympics Virginia to showcase some incredible athletes. These men, women, and children will give you a daily dose of inspiration! Each story is filled with strength, courage, and defying the odds on all levels. Check back daily to read, engage, share and encourage each individual. As always, thanks for being an important part of Project: Just Like You!

We are looking for pictures of your family celebrating the holidays, whatever that means to you. We will be showing off your pictures later on this month. email them to: projectjustlikeyou@gmail.com

Happy Holidays!