Life Lessons Learned from Veggie Tales


He thought it all over. He made me just right. I make him happy- I am his delight. Jacob squeals as he drops a book in my hands and then claps his together. His face is filled with excitement as he says, “More More.” This is Jacob’s “go-to” word. It means, “please read this to me.” I began reading Veggie Tales, “God Made You Special” to my overly animated 2 year old son. He loves looking at the brightly colored animated pictures. This simple children’s book is affirming that we are made exactly how we are meant to be. I read on:  He picked out my smile, my eyes, and my nose. He was very particular from my head to my toes.


Jacob is perfect the way he is. It is no accident that my sweet son has Autism. He was made exactly the way he should be! He never was upset by his diagnosis. It was me – I  had to wrap my head around it. Sometimes I feel down. Sometimes I feel blue, don’t like something about me- it’s sad but it’s true. I found myself frustrated and confused at the situation at hand. We had hopes and dreams for Jacob and saw them shift in an instant. Why our family? I would be lying if I told you this did not cross my mind a million times! But I’m reminded that God had a plan. He wants me to be the way that I am. If our lives are truly about more than just living for ourselves, then we have to trust that something bigger than us is taking care of it all and none of us are here or made the way we are by accident. We have very specific purposes and are uniquely special. So next time you look in the mirror, you’ll see his touch… ‘cause God made you special and he loves you very much! Celebrate what you see in the mirror. Celebrate that you are one of a kind. You have very specific talents and gifts that you are EXACTLY the way you should be!

Originally Published  for RVA Parenting on June 7, 2017